I am an optimist – and always believe that IF we have real discussions, we can reach consensus – as a council and as a community.  Being an active volunteer and elected official in Hood River has been brought me joy for more than 25 years.

mark vietnam

  • First elected to City Council in 2012.  We have a positive and productive City and Council.
    • I am an active participant on City Council and a strong advocate for finding creative solutions to our opportunities and challenges. Highlights of my last four years on Council:
      •         o     City Manager hiring subcommittee. We hired an excellent City Manager in 2018.
      •         o     I support for the current annual work plan including climate action (net zero by 2035), improved communications, housing, and focus on equity.
      •         o     Parks/open space subcommittee.  Master Plan completed.  I will advocate for focus on open space acquisition which is identified as a key goal.
      •         o     Parking subcommittee. Plan approved.  Steps towards both increased efficiency and new parking supplies are in process.
      •         o     Waste Collection subcommittee.  Compost and recycling diversion are working well.
      •         o     Storm-water subcommittee.  Smart future infrastructure.
  • A long history of civic involvement. In addition to City Council, I am currently a MCEDD board member, 15 year elected board member at Parks District, Co-Chair of the Waterfront Park Design Committee, and more.

  • Almost 30 years working in our local high-tech industry as an electrical engineer, manager, technical sales executive, and entrepreneur.  Selected as Tech Leader of Year in January 2020 by Gorge Tech Alliance.

  • I have walked close to 20,000 miles in Hood River since we moved here in 1991.  Being a pedestrian commuter here has been a blessing.  Married, two adult daughters.

Christmas 2017